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Film about “Beautiful Summer” by Bavies. Collection in Torino-

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Director Laura Luchetti brings Premio Strega to the stage: Cesar knew how to talk about the freedom of love

Because I decided to shoot beautiful summer? It was “she” who called me. When the producers Giovanni Bombelli e Luca Linani They suggested it to me thinking that I was the right person to do it, and I just accepted it with all the enthusiasm and love that bound me to this text which I had recently re-read.

Laura Luchetti speaks for herself about her relationship with Cesare Pavese literature a few months after filming began in Turin. I declare that I am superstitious – smiles – and In such an uncertain period, I don’t want to talk much about the date of the first shot, But realistically it will happen between the next spring and autumn; We have carried out inspections at the moment and select young interpreters from among more than 300 candidates.

The film is based on the short novel of the same name by Cesar Pavese. Supported by Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Piemonte Film Tv . Development Fund It is produced by Kino Produzioni and 9.99 films from Ray Cinema; It will take place in 1938 in Turin, the city whose arcades and streets are described in the center of the city near the hill, dance halls and cinemas.

The story takes place in a dark environment, with struggle at the gates and here on the move is Ginny, a teenage girl searching for her identity. It highlights the writer’s annoyance and through him the anxiety of an entire generation. thebeautiful summer – Emphasizes Luchetti – A novel coming of vibrant bodies, with strong, honest female characters, as only Buffy’s can tell. Describes a sixteen-year-old girl On the verge of an important emotional choice and speaks of what I believe to be the greatest freedom: the ability to choose to love whomever you want, no matter what society imposes.

There weren’t many discounts on movies from Pavese. Except for Jean-Marie Strobe’s many empirical interpretations, titles such as Devil in the hills by Vittorio Cutavvy e friendsMichelangelo Antonioni movie It was in Turin that a bourgeoisie was bored and closed to those who were not part of that group. Everything, oddly enough, is taken from the triptych that Einaudi collected in 1949 under the title de beautiful summer.

Laura Lucchetti explains it by defining the writer’s world from Santo Stefano Bilbo as one that is imaginative and full of modernity, but one that is not at all easy to change. He then highlights one of the more interesting aspects of the text that he prepares to translate through images, which is highly analytical in conveying a young scientist in search of social identity and identity assertion 😛He was very accurate in describing the girls’ clothes, their hair, and their bare legs or socks. At that time the social signs were very clear and every detail corresponded to a class or an attempt at emancipation. I will try to update it in an appropriate way, because the body, today, has become the most powerful political instrument left in the hands of teenagers.

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As she moves on, Laura Lucchetti has demonstrated that she is well aware of the responsibility inherent in the challenge she is about to undertake: I say this very clearly. I’m not a researcher at Bavi’s University and don’t want to become an expert on the subject, but I’ve shared years of reading with him, etc.In time he became my best friend and girlfriend. It digs you deep and in sweat of sadness, if you know how to hold it, it becomes an echo in which you reflect on yourself. I will work to the best of my ability with humility, dedication, and sentiment so as not to betray a writer whom I love so much.

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