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Filippo Lombardi: “We suspend the hockey tournament for two months.” And on New Year’s Eve in Piazza Reforma…”

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Miled – They suspended the hockey tournament for two months. This is Filippo Lombardi’s idea in the face of the constant deterioration of the health situation. As we know, Leventina’s team was isolated by a cantonal doctor, and the first effect of this procedure was (read here) His participation in the Spengler Cup has been cancelled.

“We can do nothing but comply with what we have been told by the health authority – the HCAP chief said last night, among the guests of Matrioska is TeleTicino -. We now have two teams in quarantine, one of them specifically is Team Umbro. We will see how the situation develops in the coming weeks. But then it will also be necessary to understand the conditions that will give the public access to stadiums and gastronomic services, which are an important part of the turnover of each sports club. Obviously we will have to close the bars, because the health regulations that forbid drinking in front of bar counters also apply to these spaces inside stadiums.”

I took my liberty, Lombardi explained, “to bring up the idea of ​​a suspension to some colleagues, even if they are not members of the governing bodies of the Hockey League. We know that in February we will have a hiatus for the Olympics, and at this point I say: Let’s take the bull by the horns and suspend the tournament for two months, which is What is decided for youth teams Suspension of the tournament, hoping to be able to resume when health permits, with the possibility of extending the season a few weeks compared to the scheduled date, or restoring matches by playing at a faster pace. I think this could be a solution to help contain the spread of The virus and the health care system overload. Some of the colleagues I referred to find it interesting, others less so. But the key thing is that there is a joint decision with the university.”

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As the Municipal Council of Lugano, Lombardi also said, without exaggerating, of any restrictions on access to Piazza della Reforma and “houses” in light of the celebrations of Christmas and, above all, New Year’s. We’ll discuss it Thursday at City Hall, but obviously some decisions will have to be made. We will listen to the opinion of the experts, but in light of the situation we have witnessed in recent weeks, there is no doubt that decisions need to be made. strict enough.”

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