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Keanu Reeves reveals the Marvel superhero he’s always wanted to play. And the name will drive fans crazy!

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Keanu Reeves Touch it softly! During a Q&A session on Reddit, the beloved star is about to return to the big screen with him John Wick 4 Uncover what it is Marvel hero He always wants to play. Now it’s up to the fans to start dreaming.

The question put to him, in truth, was not specific to the world of film or cinema Marvel Cinematic Universe. One user just asked if there were any roles in his long career that the actor regrets turning down. In response, Keanu Reeves blew up the internet by revealing: «no but I’ve always wanted to play Wolverine».

Revelation from a star matrix And thus opens up a paradox for Comma 22: fans would like to see him in the Marvel Universe in any role, perhaps even a Loganbut at the same time any name outside Hugh Jackman It will create a lot of discontent. Who will win between the two?

According to several rumors that have been released over the past year, Keanu Reeves’ debut in the MCU will actually only be a matter of time. Many rumors circulate about the role: among the most popular theories is that she would like him to ride a bike Ghost riderBut in fan dreams there is also a name Norman Reedus to the walking Dead.

At the end of 2021, the star revealed that he had already spoken with Kevin Feige and was looking for the best way to list The face of Neo and John Wick In her endless pool of film and television actors and actresses. And the head of the studios himself, in 2019, had announced that «We talk to him almost every time we have to make a movie».

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Things could now take a very special turn: in Deadpool 3 We will see Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine although he has said goodbye for the next sequel Logan, but as for the future, it is not yet certain that the Australian star will still show off his adamantium claws. For the next interpreter of the character, a name is often made Henry CavillBut what if Keanu Reeves instead succeeded in crowning his dream?

would like to see Keanu Reeves as Wolverine? Tell us about yours, as always, in the comments.

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