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Field hockey, Serie A A1: 2-1 in favor of Cus Padova, Cgr Bonomi takes leave with defeat

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The Cgr Bonomi tournament ends in defeat, which in Padua had to surrender to the hosts 2-1. Lomellini took the field still in paraphrased formation, inability to deal with the attackers, Ursone and Missaglia, due to injury; In their place, the new pair were made up of Ciaramella and Polledri; Alessio Nabarro and Spital were also absent, while Delizuteti was on duty with a back problem. Also of note is Terranova’s debut.

Today’s game was a classic end-of-season game, played at a low pace on a stadium like Cus Padova’s now so eroded stadium that it is virtually impossible to play technical hockey. The hosts took the lead after 13 minutes with a short shot from Massimo Corrado. Bonomi always came back to equalize in a short corner kick with Corno, but after a few minutes, still a short distance away, Maestrilo brought the players back from Padova. In the last quarter, Bonomi tries to strike a balance, but the necessary accuracy in front of goal is lacking.

As mentioned, Bonomi’s tournament ends here as lomellini will take the rest on the final day. For the Scudetto finals, on the other hand, Teferi Orr and Ferini, winners of the two groups, have already qualified as athletes, while Pra and Butterfly on one side, and Bondino and Amscura on the other, will play the other two passes next Saturday. So, the green and white team finishes the season in fourth place, which is valid for admission to the new elite tournament Which will consist of only eight teams. This year was a year between lights and shadows and it kept a wobble performance. In attack, the Ursone-Missaglia pair were among the most prolific in the entire A1 series, things went less well in defense as many weaknesses emerged. However, with the gradual maturity of young people, there are good grounds for starting over in the next year and the company does not hide its desire to seek prestigious positions.

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