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Cortina Falls. Renon, Unterland and Vasa – OA Sport . win

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Cortina falls, and Jesenice runs away more and more. This way we can always sum up what happened today in excitement 2022-2023 Alpine League Ice Hockey League.

The gun team actually did Collected the second defeat in a row He gave way in Kitzbühel with a score of 5-3: a result that leaves a bitter aftertaste given the excellent start to the first half, with Cortina scoring all three goals scored in a row by Lacedele (2:10), Traversa (12:02) and Colley (13:43). But the second and third phases will be entirely Austrian. Having already shortened the distances at the opening time with Jevdokimovs actually the hosts take off First with Lahnavik (11:19) and Schroeder (17:13), then with Hochfelzer (5:24) and Lahnavik (6:35).

Jesenice is rather within friendly walls Apparently he won 5-1 against VipitinoHe put the match on ice, especially in the second half, where he scored three goals. External Blitz instead of Renonable to win a tough 2-3 match against Klagenfurt 2. Success Far from home too for Unterlandpirate in Linz with a score of 2-4.

Ice Hockey, Ice League 2022-2023: Bolzano wins the derby against Valpusteria and flies up the standings. Asiago falls again

After two successes Finally slows down again Mirano, who had to surrender with Lustenau 8-2. Finally, Vasa smiles against Zeller Esparin (4-3).

Photo: Max Bates

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