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field hockey | Great Lazio party! Beat Roma and conquer the first division

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Yesterday afternoon the fantastic Lazio Field Hockey team won the second derby of the season against Roma (4-3), securing a prestigious promotion to Serie A without defeat.
Thus, the Biancazzurri will take part in the Italian Hockey League next season!
It was a nervous and tight match, played on Tre Fontaine, where Lazio fell first with a goal, then equalized, then fell again, then 2-2 in the middle of the match.
But during the match, Lazio did not care about fear and hesitation, and made itself more present, more determined and more effective.
He made it 4-2, making money on the partial return of Roma only in the final, which, moreover, even if they draw, will not be able to knock the Eagles out of primacy in the Serie A standings.
Finally, at 16.36, the big promotion party started!
Lazio played a perfect tournament, which it dominated from start to finish: it achieved 9 wins out of 10 matches it played, accompanied by only one draw, scoring 43 goals and conceding 17. The striker Silvetti and Gonzalez the midfielder skill and quantity.
They are joined by the old guard, who has always been there: the twins Brocco, Braca, Crema, Pompili, all mixed in a great way by coach Luca Angius.
A successful project, started in 2018 (in Serie B) and realized today at Tre Fontane, in a stunning Lazio victory!


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