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Futsal, a free course to become a referee

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Pesaro – The new round of becoming referees in football and futsal began today, Wednesday, October 27.

Organized by the AIA (Association of Italian Rulers) in Pesaro, the course is open to all people between the ages of 14 and 40.

Twelve lessons will be held in which the rules of football are explained, followed by a written test and an oral interview.

course, this is Totally Free, at the department headquarters in Via del Cinema, 5 in Pesaro. For each referee match, a significant compensation for the expenses will be paid, a federal card that will allow free access to all matches of the FIGC tournaments (from Serie A to domestic leagues) will be given, and technical materials will be provided to refereeing free of charge Fee (uniform, whistle) will be recognized Notebook and warm-up shirt) and school credits for students.

The big news this year is dual membership, which will allow children aged 14-17 to continue playing for their team and at the same time referee (except for group matches in which their team plays football).

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After the long suspension of the championships due to the epidemic and the resumption of the amateur and youth championships in our province as well as throughout the Marche and in general throughout Italy, There is a worrying lack of referees which seriously threatens the smooth running of football events.

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Becoming referees in soccer and futsal means becoming part of a large family with whom you can share training (in the three regional centers of Pesaro, Fano and Urbino), technical meetings, gatherings and leisure moments.

Activity, judgment, which will immediately enable young people who decide to embark on this new adventure, transferring to them healthy values ​​and principles, which they will certainly benefit from even in everyday life.

The AIA division of Pesaro assigns countless matches for the regional amateur, youth and futsal tournaments. For those interested in registering for the course, it is possible to do so through the website, in the appropriate section.

For further clarifications, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or refer to the section pages on facebook, instagram and twitter. The department’s premises remain open and accessible to the public on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 pm onwards. It is possible to participate in the course even after the start of the first lessons.

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