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Field hockey decided not to play in the First Division 2 – Sport

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Field hockey abandons the A2 series. The decision of the Blue-White club was officially made by the Hockey Federation, which announced that the Start team, Matera and Correggio II had not submitted an application for registration in the second national series. A real shame for Prato, who after a turbulent season managed to snatch the playoffs on the last day of the regular season, only to surprise everyone and even risk promotion to Serie A. President Giardi’s choice of company was determined by two factors: the low number of employees of the Prato Association and the shortage of young people. Only athletes born in ’99 or younger can play the A2 Series and the B Series Championships at the same time. Elimination of the Serie A2 team. “It’s unfortunate but there were no other solutions,” Giardi explains. “Unfortunately, among those who study, those who work and the lack of sufficient numbers to form two teams does not allow us to continue the adventure in the first division A2. The rule is unfair to the boys, but on the other hand these are the rules and we respect them, and no accusations against the union. We stick to the rules.” It will therefore bring Prato back from the second division, which is the higher regional category. The goal is to have a positive year, try to compete as much as possible and then play in the playoffs for their chances of jumping into the category. In the meantime, the activity of the youth sector will continue, so that in the coming years there will be a group of young people who can be attracted to play a national and regional series. To complete the crew of the A2 Series, there are six teams in operation: Montebello, Bassano 54, Sereno 2012, Pumas Ancora Viareggio, Ch Roller Salerno and SPF Viareggio which in a few days will have to reveal their availability for a replay.

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