April 23, 2024

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Field Hockey: CUS Turin Women’s Champion is Italy U-21 Champion

Field Hockey: CUS Turin Women’s Champion is Italy U-21 Champion

Another success, again for the first time. Two weeks after the first historical three colors on the CUS Turin women’s lawn, obtained with under 16, Lyudmila Vihanyalo biancoblu repeated, as well as stitching the three colors on the chest. Never before has a team won an 11-man tournament.
Thus ends an exciting season for the university team, capable of taking three youth championships (under-21 turf, indoor and under-16 turf) and two second places (under-18 turf and under-16 indoor), in addition to the historic opening of the Place in the upcoming Elite Tournament with a senior squad.
However, there is a very small formation in which many girls have found space among the new Italian champions under the age of 21, and in which others will be launched next year to complete all the work done in the youth sector.

This weekend’s final was a true singles match by Torinese, who finished the Italian-style final round on full points, with three wins, while Lazio, Riva and Ferini shared one success, and it all ended with 3 points. .

CUS who immediately made it clear that he had the goal in his head, and in the first match scheduled, he immediately moved to 4-0 against Ferini, thanks to Monica Coggiola who opened the scoring and the next three goals by Chiara de Preti. Then the biancoblu slowed down their pace, still scored 5-0 with the usual Chiara de Bella and in the final they struggled with the final goal 5-1.

The second match sees the two teams opposing defending champion Lazio, who are also favorites in this edition, but they are already surprising defeats in the first match against Riva. Thanks to the absence of goalkeeper La Spina, the piano struggles and CUS tries to take advantage of it. Chiara de Bella is still the champion of the match with 4 goals, and Roman, who was not satisfied with the goals of the Italians, Argentine Chavez and Sarmiento: it ends with a score of 4-2 and Torreñez knows that the path to the title is paved.

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Indeed, a draw in Sunday morning’s match against Riva is enough to bring the Scudetto home, but the players seem to want to finish training immediately and in a few minutes they are already 2-0 thanks to the scoring of Sasha Griglio and Giuliana Sercia. . However, the Trentino players did not give up and drew with Torbol and Bevilacoa.
Kosin is once again in the lead with De Bella and is joined by Trafalja again. But in the end, the Turiners put the seal on. My book worked with Marta Palazzo picking Coggiola vertically, and he shot at the far post where Giorgia Chiariello managed to swerve while diving. When 5 minutes are left, it is the goal that bends legs to Lacoal, who also suffered shortly after the 5-3 final goal, again signed by Chiara de Bella, the tournament’s top scorer with 10 goals.

The season is over for the club but not for some of its champions who now want to win the shirt for the European Under-21 Championship due to be held at the end of July. This really would be the perfect season icing for practically the season.