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Field hockey, Amsekora in Bra, challenges the Italian champions in crisis

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The classic hockey match of the last decade is being played tonight in Piedmont, Bra Amsecura, but only the record is at stake for Cagliari. Ferrini-Valchisone has a more recent history: while he deserved the top spot a year ago, today he is the key to redemption. There is a derby in A1, Cus Cagliari-HT Sardinia, and another challenge that gives Uras first place.

Elite men in the Italian League

The challenge between Brà and Amsicora never ceases to provide surprises. Championships were decided, but last year with the Amsekura crisis, Bra continued to win championships. This time the values ​​are reversed. In first place Amsekura, as Italian champions, is second to last in the relegation zone. Their last victory dates back to the first leg at Ponte Vittorio, when they won 2-1. Since then, Amsekura has never lost again, and Bra has never won again.

At the “Maxia” stadium, the Ferrini-Falcesoni match will take place at three o’clock in the afternoon. You are tied in the ranking in an area where there is not maximum calm (2 points more than Brà). Twelve months ago, they faced each other for a place in the final, something that eluded them on the final day. In short order, hockey hierarchies were upended. Verini lost last Saturday in Rome to Butterfly, and Falcissoni won the last two matches.

Women’s Elite League

Amsekura’s rest period could help Valverde’s escape. Ferrini will be on the pitch tomorrow, away to Torino Universitaria. It is a difficult moment for the Cagliari team, which in the last two league matches has collected one point and zero goals. Torino have good attacking potential, but they also have the worst defense in the tournament.

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Italian League A1 Men

All eyes are on Group B, where Juvenilia takes on Oras Valverde in Comunale (3pm). They are the leaders, with Toko’s team achieving three consecutive successes.

Derby in Group A at Ludo Stadium (3pm). Cos Cagliari-HT Sardinia, two different paths in recent matches. Cus, unbeaten since the first leg derby, is defending first place. A negative moment for Pia’s team, which after two defeats moved away from the first place it occupied in the first three days.

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