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Calcio, Visalli: the control room to standardize the decisions of local health authorities

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A control room led by Valentina Vezzali, Undersecretary of Sports in the Draghi government, in liaison with the Counter-Terrorism Service, the Ministry of Health and the State District Conference. This is the political technical body that will, as of today, be entrusted with the task of coordinating the interventions of the local health authorities in order to avoid a repetition of the decision-making chaos that blew up four matches of the first second leg of Serie A and also jeopardizes the regular performance of the second. This is the political intervention that the leaders of the League and Clubs hope to obtain clear standards that will not be left to the unexpected and different interpretation of individual local health authorities.

Among the supporters of this political mediation at the central government level is the CEO of Inter, Pepe Marotta, who referred to this clip in his statements to Sky and Dazn on the sidelines of the Nerazzurri match that was not played in Bologna. ASL Emilian on the rossoblùs: “We are witnessing something quite an anomaly. The fact, for example, that Verona goes to play with Spezia with a positive 11 while the other teams have been stopped with a less positive number. The goal of the Lega Council is to have a discussion with the sports administration, and therefore with the government Which, in turn, must confront the Counter-Terrorism Service and the Ministry of Health, to ensure a clear decision.” The solution for Marotta is clear: “I think that in the field of sports the third dose of the vaccine should be mandatory, which generally covers the high risk of contracting Covid disease. When it becomes mandatory I feel calm in saying, this is what the doctors say, that the risk is small, and therefore no longer It is the same for quarantine, as it is today, and therefore I would like to say that the progress of the tournament is great liquidity.” Faced with this rain of postponements, the Nerazzurri coach does not rule out changes in the international calendar: “We will assess in the next few days whether to ask UEFA and FIFA to move the next windows of the national team to June.”

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Football depends on Valentina Vezzali’s sensitivity also regarding the sternness of Minister Speranza who yesterday even wanted the tournament to be stopped, a line rejected by other members of the government. This is only a few days after the introduction of the actual vaccination obligation for professional athletes (without actually anticipating this at an organizational level). In the Italian league, almost all footballers are vaccinated and many have already taken the third dose. Not forgetting that just over a month ago, the commitment to a super green pass and later the Ffp2 Mask was launched for spectators in the stadium. Meanwhile, Serie A has adopted a new protocol that stipulates the obligation to play the match if 13 passive players (at least one goalkeeper) are available between the first team and Primavera, limited to players born before the age of 31. December 2003, so the age of majority with the start of the new Year. It is valid from today. A decision that goes hand in hand with the possibility of an appeal to the TAR against local health authorities banning games. But the real key for football managers is politics. The control room, led by Valentina Vezzali, was tasked with obtaining standardized government guidance from all ASL for the cities of the first division teams.

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