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field hockey. A draw and a defeat for the girls of Falchizoni

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Over the weekend in women’s field hockey, the Under-14 team scored a good draw, while selling the first team to Moncalvese.

Squad U-14: Emty, Beccari (K), Bertalout, Blanc, Ferraris, Jahir, Bain Diaz, Ravioli, Ribet (K)


Sunday 31/10, Villar Piroza

SKF Valchisone -CUS Torino 1-1

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On the last day of the first leg of the U-14 Women’s Championship, Falcesoni faced the same age groups from CUS Torino on the field. In the first half of the match, it was a good start for the young Valkyries who, with good defense and appeal, took the lead with Emity’s goal. In the second half of the race, Valchisone drops speed and Torinesi manages to equalize. The final lottery is the correct result of one Very balanced sweat. Well done coach Llorente girls thanks to constant commitment throughout the race. To improve some defensive mechanisms and team play. The turf season ended in 2021 and the field is now left for indoor season.

Form A2: Rostagno F. (GK), Battaglia (GK), Rostagno M. (K), Barisan, Laurenti S., Grosso, Nota, Perro, Bounous, Laurenti A., Ribetto, Cavallo, Fassina, Giustetto


SKF Valchisone – US Dollar Moncalvese 0-6

Monday November 1, Villar Perosa

The complex period continues for the Valkyries of Villar Perosa, still subdued on Saints’ Day. At the conclusion of The first part of the tournament was definitely gray, and the A2 girls paid the price for their inexperience and lack of changes (experts Fasina and Piero also walked the field to give the girls a breath).

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A few good measures weren’t enough to improve the bottom line: the hope is that they never find themselves again at the start of the season with staff downsized even further.

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