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Fiat simplifies the setup process

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Password simplification – In a complex period like this, a customer who is about to change a car can find himself confused, often having to extricate himself from various connections And many more options. there Fiat (And his professional department that deals with commercial media) decided so Scale simplification Of the five models it offers (500, Nuova 500, 500 X, Panda and Tipo), giving the customer the possibility to choose between a new vehicle in three simple steps, either online or at dealerships.

Three packages – The customer will only have to choose the Fiat model he wants to buy, the color and the combination of options (therefore, the individual options are canceled). Specifically, they are available Three different packages From equipment capable of satisfying the majority of customer needs: styleAnd the Technique And the comfort. Packages can be combined with each other without any restrictions.

There is also the top For those who want it all, Fiat offers a range above the rangeAvailable for all models. This full-featured version includes all three packages plus other options. For example, the top version of the Fiat Nuova 500 is La Prima from Bocelli.

Trading – This band structure is also certified by Fiat Professionalto. Hence, commercial vehicles will also be available in one set. Due to the complexity and specificity of each vehicle, the offer will include different body types and ‘fit to task’ packages in order to adapt the vehicle to the different needs of customers. These are the packages available: Capability, Convertible, Comfort, Functionality, Safety, Driving Support and Style. The different packages can be enriched with individual features in order to more accurately respond to the needs of the customer who decides to purchase a Fiat commercial vehicle.

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