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Fiat is ready to bid farewell to a very famous model

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Fiat is ready to bid farewell to a famous car. What does it mean that we are talking and why this choice was made. You would never believe it, but it really is a very popular car.

Fiat, the company that over the years has accustomed us to unusual vehicles or, in any case, is able to represent Italy and Italians at their best. But the world goes on, and the auto sector knows it all too well. Soon, it seems, the Fiat 500L will find this out at its own expense. In fact, production of this car should soon cease.

Fiat (web source)

We’re talking about the “extra large” version of the legendary and iconic first Fiat 500. 500L can say goodbye to its manufactureAs reported by unions in Kragujevac, the Stelantis plant where the car is currently being produced could easily shut down for about two years pending the arrival – in 2024 – of a new electric car built by Fiat. The ‘closure’ has yet to be confirmed by Stellants, but as the hours and days go by it seems more likely.

Fiat 500, are we at the end of the credits? What you need to know

The possible end of the production of 500 liters can affect the fact that it is The only model that did not receive the update MT 22 and the 1.5 hybrid engine. Not to forget the sales figures which are not encouraging at all. Thus, ten years after its debut in 2012, this car can say goodbye to the car market.

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However, the 500L will hardly be replaced. However, along with the 500X, it could have had a successor model called the 500XL, FIAT CEO Olivier Francois said last year. However, we don’t know if it’s still a hot project at Fiat.

Fiat 500L (web source) May 17, 2022
Fiat 500L (web source)

Also because with the advent of Stellantis, many things have changed. In the coming months, we will know more for sure, in the meantime, it seems that the fate of the 500-liter has been decided. The employees of the factory where it is usually produced were told that everything would soon be discontinued, and they all had the opportunity to work temporarily abroad at one of the factories owned by Stellantis in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The 500L debuted on the auto market in 2012, replacing the Fiat concept. Regarding their results, it must be said that they were really positive at first. Over the years, however, the Registrations have been reduced, also due to the strong growth of SUVs Hence the subsequent decline in minivans.

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