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Ferrara Warriors beat Diavoli Vicenza 4-3

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Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza returned from Ferrara with a 4-3 defeat in overtime, at the end of a match that did not disappoint expectations: balanced, powerful, full of quality, technical content and spectacle. Ferrara has been confirmed as one of the tournament’s greatest champions and a team that never gives up. Use red and white for overtime and win with the goal of Alessio Lettera, one of the Warriors’ strengths. Great balance throughout the race, great goalkeeper work, Frigo on one side and Peruzzi on the other, great vibes.

After the Devils achieved a double advantage in the first half thanks to goals from Nathan Siegmund and Andrea Delfino (a penalty kick that killed the bomber), the home side suffered a comeback from the hosts who cut the distance with Andrea Bellini and tied it by ten seconds. Behind the interval with Nikola Lettra. The score was 2-2.

In the second part of the game he still showed and still balance, he was broken by Vicenza’s goal that Gaboriao’s deflection reached at the conclusion of Frigo. Red and White try to close the match, but they did not succeed and in the last minute the fierce Ferrara, who also put the goalkeeper away to try everything, made a comeback a few seconds after the siren with Alessio Lettra. . 3-3 finished.

over time: 1-0
We go into overtime: in the hockey line as in basketball, there is no tie. The teams try Vicenza to be dangerous in two raids, but when the score seems to have faltered in a draw, a raid by the hosts that ended with Alessio Liera’s goal still makes the Ferrara rink explode with glee.

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SCOREBOARD – Warriors Ferrara McControl Diavoli Vicenza, (2-2) 4-3
the Warriors Ferrara: Peruzzi, Cipriano, Duchemin, Ballarin, Crivellari, Veronese, Dell’Antico, Bellini A., Lettera N., Zabbari, Bellini M., Gaboriau, Lettera A. All. Bellini A. / Crivelari A.
mc monitoring demons Vicenza: Frigo M., Olando, Cantele, Francon, Delfino, Tabanelli, Dell’Uomo, Sigmund, Ustignani, Zerdin, Pace, Baldan, Frigo N., Simsic, Dal Sasso. Herds Maran F. Referees: Lotaroli and Slaviero
Grids: pt: 0.27 Sigmund (V), 12.04 Delfino (V) pk, 12.50 Bellini A. (F), 19.50 Letter N. (F); st: 24.41 Frigo N. (V), 39.49 Letter A OT: 43.46 Letter A (F)

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