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Federica Pellegrini, do you know which car you drive? Do you expect something different from the divine “I don’t care about strength”

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Beloved artist throughout Italy and acclaimed the world over, Italian icon, Federica Pellegrini is now an all-around star: from TV to motors. This is the car he loves and why he drives it.

He also recently participated in an adventurous reality show in which he travels around India with his girlfriend Mateo: BUT Federico Pellegrini It is first and foremost the logo that is in I swim Italian.

In addition to its huge history in sports The national team, and besides her extraordinary talent, Federica Pellegrini is also very feminine Passionate: Between his love, even car. Have you said that before?

There are many who are wondering at this point which car is which one hero Like it, it is used in water shows made from power And Speed, Maybe he chose Guide.

Her decision, as she herself admitted, does not start from such an unclear concept as a decision power performance trolley. far from it.

Federica Pellegrini: Here’s what I drive and why

in choosingdivineFor cars, there are other factors. any? So let’s go and discover them, to unravel the mystery about the car She chose Federica Pellegrini about himself.

Pilgrims - Mutsum
Pilgrims – Mutsum

Self-talk Federico Pellegriniwhich has its main essence in sports, such as finally revealing the disqualified Pandora’s Box on women and engines.

Thanks to a media event, some facts of this past period have come to light Emotion by Federica in relationship in car: Let’s start from a fact, which is the background. that by saying?

It was Pellegrini option (and in turn chose the brand) Like Celebrity endorsement For a specific car manufacturer: we’re talking about Volvo. This is the first big clue.

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Pellegrini, that’s what Federica likes to drive

Moreover, for Pellegrini, cars are a real load of memories, like when he is trolley At home it was filling up behind Elusive For beach holidays in Jesolo. after that?

Argument 1-motorizum
Argument 1-motorizum

From vacation trips to personal trips, in freedom, once I got my driver’s license at the age of 18, namely by car. It was his first car alfa romeo, Even if he recently picked something else.

In particular, now she is driving one Volvo XC60. She says the right size because it guarantees her the necessary space for her luggage and her constant travel. Thus, winning in them is an aspect comfort Based on space.

And she loves them from Volvo historicalCommitment continuous and the safety.

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