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Bürgenstock, the venue of the talks. VIP venue and Bilderberg Group

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It is located on top of an Alpine peak Over the city of Lucerne and Lake LucerneAnd the architecture and luxurious “old fashion”, a special place for Celebrities of cinema and politics, but it is also the scene of international conspiracies. All this is burgenstock, The hotel that will host The first international summit on Ukraine While many wonder about the effectiveness of the summit and its true purpose, it is worth telling the story of this place suspended between mountains and lakes.

The first core of Burgenstock It opened its doors in 1873The Swiss Durrer family started this business. The clients who go up there are immediately at a high level, and on the other hand, the mass holiday period has not yet come. The beauty of the scenery (“Postcard Switzerland”), Swiss secrecy and neutrality led to Bergenstock’s final launch on the international Olympus after World War II. The testimonies of that golden age are, first and foremost, the great names of cinema. Sean Connery He took refuge there while filming the movie 007 Goldfinger Mission. Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti I’m at home, Audrey Hepburn even celebrated her wedding in 1954 With actor Mel Ferrer in the chapel attached to the hotel.

Politics also permeates the rooms of the Burgenstock. For example, he spent his vacation here Konrad Adenauer, first chancellor of post-Nazi Germany. In this regard, the Swiss Info website recalls a unique incident: Five years after the end of the conflict, the wounds of the Holocaust are still open here. German Prime Minister and Chaim Weizmann risk crossing paths, The first president of the newly formed State of Israel. But the “Father” of modern India, among others, remained here Nehru, former US President Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger.

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The isolated and top-secret location meant that the Hotel Burgenstock was hosted Bilderberg Group meetingsExclusive Club of International Finance and Policy Ed A symbol, in the eyes of conspiracy theorists, of dark, untold secret conspiracies (But the names of the participants in the meetings are immediately published in the press.) He also hosted the complex Peace talks on the Cyprus crisis and the civil war in Sudan.

Today the Bürgenstock Resort is a complex of about thirty buildings: hotels, 68 suites, 12 restaurants, conference center, spa, swimming pools and golf course. No longer Swiss ownership: since 2014 Ownership was transferred to a Qatari company.

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