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Fast & Furious, first scenes tomorrow: a fireball will roll down Corso Fiume

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Turin. After a long wait, Turin’s set of “FastX”, the tenth and final episode of the “Fast & Furious” movie saga, has finally opened. Filming for the global film, directed by Louis Letterer, will cover the Bricolina and downtown areas over the next two weeks.
The cameras are still out, at least to this day, as only very short test sequences will be filmed. Thursday’s first real shot will be overcome in an absolutely stunning spectacle, as a massive fireball will roll along the Corso Fiume.

The production plan had foreseen the sequence in question for tomorrow, but it would be postponed by one day due to technical problems with the Atak Bus – Roman Bus Lines – broken into two that will be part of the scenography: onlookers.

To improve times, filming will move tomorrow, to return to Qurum Square the next day. Meanwhile, giant 250-ton cranes are still unloading props for the scene: sci-fi-style resin glass bowls, more than two meters in diameter, that will be lit up in the shot sequence on Thursday.

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