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Farewell to “Gigi” who designed the football fields

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Sauna at work on the football field

Sauna at work on the football field

Sauna at work on the football field

Sauna at work on the football field

Today at the age of 10 in the parish church, the funeral of Giuseppe Sona, better known as “Gigi Sunita”, who passed away after a long illness, is being celebrated. Gear, Wheelbarrow and String of String: “Gigi,” without a hand since the age of 20, was the last to score with the lime wheelbarrow. There is talk of ‘heroic’ times now, when soccer rectangles were hit, turf was optional and mud often raged along outside lines and areas. With one hand, Il Gigi carried heavy bags of lime over the wheelbarrow and with a solemn step he proceeded to redraw the lines, most often helping himself with a stick to spit out the lime that was often swallowed up inside the nozzle of the wheelbarrow. In 1948, due to the doctor’s light weight, the tendons of his left hand were “damaged”, as a result of which his hand was amputated. “Antibiotics were enough to save the limb, Dr. Kanali of the transfusion center told me years later, on the occasion of my donation,” he recalls. Giuseppe Sona, even returning his own money like all volunteers in the pelota world, always cooperated for free, taking care of cleaning the changing rooms and also shoveling snow, if necessary. He then continued his city collaborations with other associations for decades on anniversaries and festive events. Miller for decades, he would have turned 95 next January 19: he leaves his wife, Maria Pia Rota. •.

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