May 29, 2023

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Famous movie and series pirates receive Jolly Roger as in One Piece: Do You Recognize Them?

The Jolly Roger from ONE PIECE is very famous. In the series, a straw hat pirate is always in sight, with the skull wearing a straw hat donated by Shanks. There are others featured in the manga and anime, and they are all very inspiring and sum up the characteristics of the crew or its captain.

Ichiro Oda also showed how to draw her, so as to obtain a rule to be modified later. A fan caught the ball and imagined other pirates from other movies or TV series Imagine the new Jolly Roger and what it would look like if these pirates were in the world of One Piece.

In the Oda manga subsection, user Heydude1001 posted an image with six new Jolly Rogers. We start with Abdelwali Musa, the pirate who appeared in Captain Phillips – Attack in the Open Sea, among others a real pirate who is currently in prison and who became the protagonist of a very famous meme. On the same line there Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the CaribbeanFollowed by Captain K’Nuckles from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Captain Hook of Peter Pan, the pirate in Spongebob and finally the terrible pirate Rogers of The Princess Bride. Do you know them all?

with the Near the end of Onigashimawe will see Luffy faces other crews To the end we may see the new Jolly Roger.

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