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“False news on the Internet, a space for young people to expose it.”

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It is the duty of communication to be precise and accurate, especially when it is scientific. Alessandro Cecchi Paoni He was the protagonist Scientific communication through television between the 1990s and 2000s. Yesterday afternoon at Palazzo De Simone, the journalist, essayist and science communicator was the special guest of UniSannio culture. Cecchi Paone, formerly Bocconi Professor of Cultural Communication Marketing, is now Professor of Scientific Documentation at the University of Como and Communication Sciences at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

The digital transformation process aims to create a digital and open administration, which provides digital public services that are easy to use, safe and of high quality, such as ensuring a transparent and open relationship with citizens. Cecchi Paone has focused on the impact of digital transformation on scientific fake news and technological innovation in the media. Technological innovation is related to the deployment of digital platforms, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in commercial markets. new programs and new algorithms that must also be applied to television, radio, social platforms, and the Internet; The secret to escaping fake news, as Cecchi Paone explained, is to make these algorithms and programs your own. Those who are able to assimilate them are young people, who must be entrusted with the future and who must also interact with these algorithms.

“The media has changed a lot, because it has been discovered that unfortunately there is no longer a proper assessment, verification and selection of sources. This may be acceptable as long as we are talking about sports, politics or gossip, but if we are talking about health, medicine and exact sciences, it becomes a big problem because people’s lives and well-being have been explained by Cecchi Paone -. We must try to understand how to heal and how to prepare for the world of digital communications that can offer safeguards against fake news. However, digital dimensions must be well managed, on the contrary they can amplify intentions to spread false, false or harmful things. Digital technology should be seen as a new communication technology and a new dimension of existence for all of us that has already changed, is changing and will change our daily lives. Digital tends to compress and blend, and this can be a great guarantee in terms of content certainty. However, excessive speed can also be an opportunity not to give time to those who are less prepared to understand that they are being bombarded with false information. Television media and spaces were larger in the past to reach a wide audience.

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Cecchi Paone He also emphasized how television can play an important role in disseminating approved information: “Today, unfortunately, there are no more suitable means, spaces and times, and therefore the ability to say beautiful and useful things is getting more and more difficult. This is a great challenge for everyone, especially for young people. Personally, I have always been moved by the deep involvement, passion, faith, and deep involvement in doing something beneficial for myself and others; I can call it important. I would like to understand if there is still some space, in the public service in scientific matters, to provide information or to get new Fellows to do so. It is a problem of language, editorial idea, administrative decisions but also of a cultural and political line, we need to understand who should do what ».

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