Home science The United States is highly critical of their gesture

The United States is highly critical of their gesture

The United States is highly critical of their gesture

Looks like Russia tried in the last few minutes New “anti-satellite” weapon that spawned, after being used against their spacecraft, around 1500 new wrecks around the Earth’s orbit. Russia has been harshly criticized by the United States, where space junk could remain around the Earth for decades.

Moreover, this Debris can pose a danger to astronauts Which is located inside the International Space Station. “Today, the Russian Federation, recklessly, conducted a devastating test of a direct-ascend anti-satellite missile against one of its satellites.State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

The star-and-stripes country has looked at Russia’s behavior ‘Dangerous and irresponsible’. “To date, this test has produced more than 1,500 pieces of traceable orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of smaller orbital debris that now threatens the interests of all nations.Price continued in his statement.

Only recently did the International Space Station evade space debris that was about to collide with the structure, and such an event. It can only exacerbate these situations in the future. “Their dangerous and irresponsible behavior threatens the long-term sustainability of our space and clearly demonstrates that Russia’s claims to oppose weapons and armaments in space are false and hypocritical.”, Price finally stated, frankly and certainly without hesitation, criticizing his “space companion” … Russia also intends to abandon the space station.


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