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Facebook problems today what happens? The mistake that drives billboards crazy

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Facebook looks crazy: the feed displays the comments and photos that strangers leave on the pages of celebrities. Reports from around the world

Self Facebook feed looks weird – It sounds almost crazy – Know that the problem is not yours alone. In fact, from the beginning of the morning of Wednesday, August 24 they follow each other User reports related to a serious bug on the social network appear on the bulletin board Posts of anonymous people writing comments or sharing photos on the pages of celebrities and VIPs. In some cases it has been verified by courier There is also a literal Invasion of birthday wishes for other users.

Resentment from social media

But reports of these malfunctions have not only exploded. As evidenced by some of his analyzes digital funnelregister An increase of 156% and 138% in “Delete Facebook” and “How to delete Facebook” searches. The desire to understand how to unsubscribe from the social network is certainly connected with dissatisfaction with the holidays.

#facebookdown on twitter

Users flocked on Twitter to complain about being inundated with notices of comments posted on the accounts of, among others, Taylor Swift, Eminem and Cristiano Ronaldo (152 million followers). The hashtag #facebookdown and #facebookhacked.

August 24

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