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Explanation of the movie Paul Thomas Anderson with Tom Cruise

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Rain Frogs at the end and symbols in the PTA movie with Tom Cruise

Although more than twenty years have passed, magnolia It is one of those films that do not lose their charm and which, on the contrary, at every viewing raise new questions and offer new insights. Won the Golden Bear Award at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival, the film was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson 1999 The stories and lives of nine characters intertwine, beginning with three episodes: murder, manslaughter and suicide. A plot that has nothing to do with the dimension of chance or chance, albeit very present in the narrative system. A story about life and death, a movie full of symbolic meanings and Metaphor of existence and the world She is brought to the stage by the Nine Souls that intersect, with their vices, to form a complex picture of contemporary society.

magnolia; Goldi Film Company

In the cast next to Tom Cruise – In one of his best performances as a cynical and corrupt catalyst – Frank TJ McKee – too Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeremy Blackman, and William H. Messi. But what does it mean? magnolia?

Rain of Frogs – The Ultimate Interpretation of Magnolia

It is difficult to give a unified explanation: it would be more correct to talk about the interpretation of the symbolic meaning of Paul Thomas Anderson’s film. magnolia It’s supposed to be a representation Descent into the deepest abyss of the human soul; An abyss full of vices, consisting in the depiction of some mortal sins (embodied, we might say, through characters) in biblical memory. The descent into the abyss that culminates with – equally symbolic – frog rain which – which, Simplythat happens.

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Figures magnolia They do not seem too impressed or impressed by an event reminiscent of the biblical invasion of locusts; They are too preoccupied with their misery and suffering to give it weight. Too prey to their ambitions all centered in the realm of fame, personal assertion, and money, to give weight to a truly extraordinary, but fleeting event, like so many others. However, there is A push towards redemption, towards an attempt at purificationTowards an awareness that separates from feelings of hatred, resentment and regret. It’s raining frogs and characters magnolia They are forced to undergo a shocking examination of conscience and the climate becomes somewhat less tense, and the skies clearer. Here comes catharsis and with it the impetus to try to free oneself from one’s suffering.

The ultimate interpretation of magnolia

magnolia; Goldi Film Company

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