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The Fast and the Furious in Turin, the population doesn’t appreciate – Auto World

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In March, news was presented of an Italian group for the final chapter of the film saga The Fast and the Furious. Actors, businessmen and motor racing were frequenting the streets of Cairo Turin Launching all the firepower of Hollywood productions. Good news in terms of image for the city of Piedmont, whose glimpses will be the perfect backdrop for any breathtaking competitions and races. But Not all that glitters is goldas they say.

population Crimean villageActually, They don’t seem particularly happy Having a movie set to be installed at the end of May. for some, Seychelles takes the areaMany said stores were told to close for at least two days. wild side, a Romanian production company that manages the logistics of the film, is trying to organize some shutdowns to make shooting smoother. And given that the sights will be quite spectacular, it is easy to understand that from their point of view it would be better to avoid crowds of any kind.

Along Corso Fiume, in particular, you will see a large sign “fireball“,” There will be chases between Cars and buses that will collide with each other. These are the scenes that will be recorded on Tuesday 24th and Friday 27th May (and possibly Sunday 29th as well). These are the days when, even now, shopkeepers are told to stop. Those from the Wild Side also addressed residents: They were asked, on those dates, not to go out or enter the house, at least during pickups. Some explanatory signs have been placed, in recent days, by employees of the production company in the corridors of the buildings. The text states that along the Corso Fiume – which will be prohibited in front of cars and pedestrians – there will be “very dynamic sequences”, with professional drivers and drivers. To ensure the “absolute safety” of all and avoid “group interference” it would be “care for production to facilitate the entry and exit” of residents from homes, with “persons” in front of the doors.reports the newspaper La Stampa.

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For some shop owners Promise to compensate, when agreeing on the basis of daily revenue that will be lost. A complete shutdown, 24 hours a day, has only been proposed for some businesses, while others will likely be able to function roughly “normally” at certain times. Turin was not too far and close to Los AngelesAt the same time.

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