Home science “No lab leaks. Science decides, not politics.”

“No lab leaks. Science decides, not politics.”

“No lab leaks. Science decides, not politics.”

Beijing, February 27, 2023 – Beijing once again rejects the accusation that the virus is responsible for the epidemic COVID-19 He had escaped with one of his own labs. An investigation into the origins of the coronavirus “should be a scientific matter, not a politicized one,” said a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry. Mao Ningand invite United State to stop “discredit China” about this subject. Beijing’s response comes a day after new intelligence emerged from the US Department of Energy, which would suggest a leak from the lab was “likely”.

News, launched exclusively by Wall Street Journal Those who read the report sparked a chain reaction in the United States. advocates of the the Republican Party They declare “victory” in the debate one after another, and demand to “punish” China. “It doesn’t matter that we were right,” the senator said, “what matters is that we now hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible so that this never happens again.” Tom Cotton. “Conspiracy Conspiracy 100 – Media 0,” the congressman from Georgia summed up in a tweet Marjorie Taylor Green. The New Republican majority advocate also created a new Commission of Inquiry into the Origins of Covid, which, as Green herself announced, will begin hearings soon.

In any case, the Biden administration is stepping back and saying there is still no “definitive answer that has emerged from the intelligence community on this issue.” said so Jake Sullivanthe National Security Adviser, who interviewed him CNN. “What I can say is that President Biden has repeatedly directed every element of the intelligence community to devote every effort and resource to getting to the bottom of this matter,” he stressed.

Even the international scientific community is choosing the cautious approach. “The hypothesis of laboratory error has been discussed since the beginning of the pandemic. There is no new knowledge about it,” stated a State Department spokesperson. German Ministry of HealthAnswering journalists’ questions at a press conference in Berlin. second Matthew Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Genoa, going back to the origins of Covid “without obtaining objective data” does nothing but “give breath to conspiracy theorists and damage science”. The virologist claims it’s a “species jump because it’s a zoonotic disease,” which is a widely popular theory at the moment. “To throw all these stories in a newspaper article and not in a scientific journal is wrong – as Pasetti noted – it means fueling the conspiracy that also harms anti-Covid vaccines and also affects immunizations in general. In fact, we see a decrease in vaccinations against other diseases.

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