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Everyone should condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Wednesday 6 April 2022 – 15:43

From Canada to China: Everyone should condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine

But Beijing is on an equal footing: we are in talks

ROME, April 6 (askanews) – In the first telephone call between Chinese and Canadian foreign ministers after the mutual release of Huawei manager Meng Wanzhou and so-called “two Michael “s, Canadian Minister Melania Joly told Chinese diplomat Wang Yi about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over China. Is closely monitoring what the actions will be and its next steps.The South China Morne Post writes this.

“All nations must condemn President (Vladimir) Putin’s illegal and unprovoked occupation of Ukraine, which is a blatant and direct violation of the United Nations Charter,” Jolie said. According to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ottawa. “Canada and the rest of the world – China’s actions and the next steps must be closely followed.

To the Ukrainian question, Wang pointed out, for his part, that “President Xi Jinping gave a detailed and authoritative explanation of China’s position: China urges all parties to think calmly and rationally, to create opportunities for peace and to open up opportunities.”

According to the Chinese minister, if it is true that “negotiations face obstacles and difficulties at this time”, there will be “hope for a ceasefire and peace” as they continue. For this reason, Beijing “maintains an objective and impartial position and will continue to play a constructive role”.

In short, even after the Puja assassination, which was condemned by its spokesmen as “horrific” by the Beijing Foreign Ministry, China’s position on equality will not change, nor will opposition to sanctions against Russia. On the contrary, the United States has been urging Beijing to condemn the Russian invasion.

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