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Canada has suspended the verification accounts of No Vox truckers who blocked Ottawa

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Authorities have frozen the verification accounts of several people believed to have been involved in the protests that occupied the capital, Ottawa.

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The Canadian government has used an iron fist against protesters leading a series of rallies that have blocked part of the country for weeks. After officials announced last week that they would use the emergency law Many have disabled current accounts People are believed to have been involved in the struggles that occupied the capital, Ottawa. In recent days, nearly 200 protest leaders have been arrested by police. According to CNN, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) froze a total of 206 financial products, including bank and corporate accounts, and released information on 56 companies associated with vehicles, individuals and companies in the square. Finally, he blocked a $ 3.8 million fee processing account. While the occupied area was removed and the fence was set up, the police used the sting spray against the protesters.

Canadian officials explained that severe repression was necessary Many of the companies in the city of Ottawa now have unsustainable difficulties, many of which have not received supplies for a long time, and are therefore forced to lower their shutters; However, the Federal Agency for Economic Development in Southern Ontario said small businesses affected by the protest could claim up to $ 10,000 in compensation from a specific $ 20 million fund.

ApplicationEmergency Law It was announced last week to suppress protests against the Govt Pass by anti-independence convoy protesters: the move gave the government extraordinary powers for 30 days, including blocking the current accounts of protesters and increasing law enforcement powers. . Trudeau has ensured that actions are used only for the sole purpose of resolving the most critical situations in a temporary and highly selective manner. The Prime Minister has assured that the measures will be “limited in time”, “fair and proportionate”. The Emergency Act, passed in 1988, provides for greater levels of repression and, by its draft, can only be used in “emergency and crisis situations” that pose a serious threat to the lives, health or safety of Canadians.

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