Home entertainment Volcanoes, passion between earth and sky and then punk and rock fire

Volcanoes, passion between earth and sky and then punk and rock fire

Volcanoes, passion between earth and sky and then punk and rock fire

by Fabio Longo

The energy of one of the bands that made the history of Italian ska-punk has also made itself appreciated in Europe. A torrent of hardcore power and a true foundation of the Italian emo-core scene. Then an exhibition talking about home studios, spaces of everyday life adapted to music production spaces. These are the concerts and events that will enliven Bloom in via Curiel through the weekend. It will start tomorrow at 20.30 with the show “Between Earth and Sky – Cinema and Mountains”, with the screening of the documentary “The Fire of Love” by Sara Dosa, the story of the two scientists Katya and Maurice Kraft who dedicated their lives. to study volcanoes, until his death in 1991 during a volcanic eruption. The topic will be explored with volcanologist Francesca Forni of Milan State University. However, on Friday at 21.30 the speakers will be turned on for the first concert of the weekend: Fine Before You Came, a staple of the emo-core scene, will perform on the stage of the Multicultural Center in Mezzaghese. The years have moved between hardcore punk, post-rock, and an expansive and melodic slow core. In The Bloom they will bring the tracks of the latest album “Forme complex” and will present the Ep “Ti Canto Quando c’รจ nobody”, which was published in February. To open the evening F4, between emo and post-punk. Entrance 15 euros.

On Saturday at 21 the energy will continue to flow with the arrival of Talco, a band from Veneto that manages to perfectly combine ska, punk and political commitment, with a mixture that also reminds of Mano Negra’s pachanca. The team, which is highly regarded in Europe, will present the new album “Videogame”. With them there will be hardcore punk of DiscoMostro and a mixture of punk rock and combat rock in Guacamaya. Entrance 20 euros. Finally, on Sunday at 6 pm, the opening of the “Studio Atlas” exhibition, a cross between an illustrated atlas and a declaration of love for self-production and musical independence.


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