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“Everyone here has a huge desire to restart” –

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Here he is, finally, Ivan Monti on the bench for the final.

The new coach of the Gilorossi has been on the starting pad for several weeks, but only today has officially landed Felice Burrell.

An interesting challenge, in one of the boxes I recently wrote among the most beautiful pages in the amateur world.

Sir, you entered the pleasure as pope, but did not come out as cardinal.

“I must say that from the very first moment the club proved to be clear and transparent towards me. I knew I was running with other technicians, but all the final management never erred in style, and made me aware of their intentions.”

After Loano here is the end. We move from construction to reconstruction.

“They are two different situations. Loano was initially a choice of pure heart. It is the city that welcomed me when I arrived in Liguria and where also my first experience as a coach. Accepting the proposal from San Francesco, when asked for my help, was simple, even for the relationships developed off the field I wanted to continue after the merger, but they made their choices and this does not affect our relations outside the green rectangle in the least.

How is the mood inside the yellow and red button room? However, there are the same skills as those who brought the club to Serie A.

There’s a willingness to start over with enthusiasm, with a bit of healthy mathematical revenge. I found people very relatable towards end and end, after a painful landing anyway. Many characters have either joined or exited the bandwagon depending on the results, but the intention is to get back to levels Certain and I’m proud that they chose me to try and do it.

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Moreover, I return to work with one of the best conductors like Roberto Belvedere, a true playmaker of the role, able to work effectively even in the face of difficulties. Roberto is a friend, but I like his ability to separate the personal relationship from the professional relationship once he crosses the stadium gate.”

The question about goals is obvious.

“You have to go step by step, starting with structuring the team. It will be necessary who wants to stay, who wants to change the landscape, and then integrate the workforce in the best possible way.

In Eccellenza there will be only three teams in our area: Pietra, Cairese and Imperia, which will force even the most important players to participate in the promotion. It will be an exciting tournament and whoever performs better in the summer will start with a good advantage.”

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