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Eurovision Canada will also launch in 2023

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This is today’s evening news release directly from’s official websiteEurovision Song ContestThe birth of a new competition inspired by the most followed music event in the world: it Eurovision Canada And starting in 2023.

From the first information provided, artists from 10 counties and 3 regions in Canada will participate:

  • British Columbia (British Columbia)
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick (New Brunswick)
  • Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia)
  • Prince Edward Island (Prince Edward Island)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Yukon
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut

More details about the competition will be released in the coming weeks, but there are already general pointsAmerican Song Contest (Currently airing on NBC in the United States).

ForASCHere too the qualifications in the design (artists representing the provinces and regions will compete), then include the semi-finals and finals in prime time.

Thus the Executive Supervisor TheEurovision, By Martin Astor:

Distinctive legacyEurovision Song Contest Originated 67 years ago and its global popularity continues to grow. It’s time to join the Canada Party and become an actor on this global show.

The love of music is universal and the celebration of different genres of music unites people beyond the boundaries of any other art form. We are delighted to have found the best partner to bring another version of this joyous event to new fans and to share this remarkable competition with Canadians.

These are the words Lindsay CoxInsight Productions Showrunner:

The amazing songwriting qualities and musical talents in this country can hold a candle for anyone in the world, which is why Canada is the perfect home for the next editionEurovision Song Contest.

We are very proud to collaborate with the teamEurovision Showcase the immense musical talent that comes from every corner of our nation and for Canadian audiences, become a part of this global event. Eurovision Canada It connects two forces that have always been together in our country: fantastic music and a live show-event.

More info on this new “spin-off” coming soonEurovision We will come back to write about it again and wish they could get better TV ratings than they have received so farAmerican Song Contest.

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Over the past few years the Canada-Eurovision connection has ensured the event (on Omni TV 2021) with a very consistent exchange without forgetting a historic winner.Eurovision (1988 in Switzerland) is a name that does not require introduction: Celine Dion (With “Ne bardes pass sans moi“).

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