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Foreclosure nightmare | best discount

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Our Best Discount Store, Foreclosure Nightmare and Where to Sell Lira Coins Worth a Fortune: Here are all the hot topics of the week.

Neither Lidl nor Eurospin. Lots of darlings and pursuit of Italians, list Best discount supermarkets in our country.

In the meantime, bad news arrives for many Italian families and companies who, from a certain date, take risks Seizing an individual’s current account.

Hot topics of the week also include where to sell Coins are often forgotten in the drawers of the house which might be worth a fortune instead. So let’s get into the details to see all there is to know about him and above all what happens.

Italians loved and sought after: a list of the best discount supermarkets in our country

Among the main phenomena of the last period is the increasingly sporadic search for a discount supermarket. In this particular context, List of the best discount supermarkets in our country prepared by Altroconsumo. Well, going into the details, the order of the cheapest and most convenient discount stores is as follows:

  • ALDI
  • Eurospin
  • prize
  • you hate
  • MD . discount
  • more
  • Lidl
  • in
  • beni market
  • to dis

In order to obtain this ranking, we remind you that Altroconsumo took into account the answers provided in a private survey conducted by more than 9000 members. The online questionnaire in question, it will be interesting to know, for example, the suggested questions about where it is better to shop, where to find lower prices and so on. Well, thanks to this survey, it turns out to be one of my favorite brands ALDI.

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Current account, attention: risk of foreclosure starting from this date

they come Bad news for the many families and businesses that will soon risk dealing with closing their checking accounts. In particular, there is a date to be determined in the calendar, starting with the Revenue Agency – collection apparently will begin with Reservation of checking accounts for defaulting taxpayers. But what’s going on?

Good , Senator for Forza Italia Massimo Mligni. The latter, in fact, made it known that he had come to him “Knowledge” of a crazy situation, which, if not resolved in the shortest possible time, will bankrupt hundreds of companies and will bring families to the streets“.

In particular, Malegny announced that he confirmed it between “Exactly a few weeks later On August 29, the Agency for Revenue – Collection will begin to attach the checking accounts of defaulting taxpayers Those who have not complied with the premiums granted by the management and who have not addressed their situation by October“.

just a date August 29, 2022, therefore, it turns out to be the one that will be circled in red on the calendar. At the moment, however, it should be emphasized that there are still no confirmations on this issue. Therefore, all that remains is to wait and see if any interventions will be implemented in this area, or if we start from next August 29, we will really see Reservation of the thing pledged for many checking accounts.

Pounds in banknotes or coins, fortune in the house: where to sell it?

The Coins or old lira banknotes are often forgotten in the drawers of the house, and can actually be worth a real fortune. In particular, there are some specimens that collectors look for and for which it is possible to get a lot of money. Precisely for this reason the advice is To connect Currency expert Which will therefore be able to provide you with explanations regarding the true value of your coins or banknotes in Lira.

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It is better to stay away from e-commerce websites where in some cases they try to sell coins at amazing prices and unfortunately fake. But what old lira is worth more? Well, among the most important pieces listed Those are 2, 20, 50 and 100 liras. This occurs due to the presence of small defects or due to poor blood circulation. Going into detail, for example, a file 10 lira 1954or which has an ear above, its value varies between 70 and 90 euros.

However, there are many other examples that are worth much more. There is a clear example 50 lira 1956 With the volcano described above, which can allow you to take home 110 euros. But not only that, the 20 lira 1956 worth 700 EUR 200 lira in 1977 Allows you to reserve 800 euros in the pocket, while 100 liras from 1955 A good euro.

Among the most sought-after people, who deserve more, also include 5 lira in 1946 for 1200 euros Orange guitar from 1947 worth 1500 euros and 2 pounds 1947 with the ear For a good 1800 euros. Finally, among the lira that is worth more than everything, there is 5 Lear Dolphin 1956 and the 50 lira 1958 For 2000 euros is good. But above all 500 lira 1957 Which can let you pocket well 15 thousand euros.

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