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Who are the richest men in Italy? Here is the Forbes ranking

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The number of Italians remained stable compared to figures released at the beginning of the year Super Billionaires listed in the order you put it Forbes: It should be accurate 51 out of a total of 2668. On the other hand, assets registered at the end of 2022 decreased slightly. On a global level, Bernard Arnault, founder, chairman and CEO of Lvmh, reached the highest ($ 180.5 billion in assets) To undermine Elon Musk (second with $162.9 billion) of dollars). Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ($109.9 billion) was moved into third place by the head of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani.


First place in Italy for John Ferrerothe sole manager of the famous confectionery industry (assets worth $ 35.3 billion), which rose from the 40th place to the 30th place in the global ranking compared to the beginning of 2022.

Right behind you, right behind him Giorgio Armani. The designer and founder of the fashion house of the same name has seen his assets decline in recent years: from $8.9 billion in 2020 to $7.7 billion in 2021, up to $6.6 currently. The second place in Italy corresponds to the 356th place in the world ranking (at the beginning of the year it was 323rd).

Third place for Silvio Berlusconi. Assets that grew in the past year ($7.6 billion compared to 5.3 in 2020) decreased during 2022, and stabilized at 6.5 billion: compared to the past few months (327th place), it is ranked 385th in the Forbes ranking.

Owner of Minarini Pharmaceutical Company Massimiliana Landini Aleotti It is still in fourth place in Italy. Assets of 5.3 billion, down from 9.4 recorded at the start of the year, moved it from 256th to 479th.

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Son of Enzo Ferrari PieroThe vice president and owner of 10.2% of the company founded by his father, as well as the head of the Ferretti Group (the luxury yacht manufacturer), sees his assets drop from 5.5 to 4.8 billion, but he rises in the ranking from 705th to 558th place.

In sixth and seventh place in Italy Patrick Bertelli And the Miuccia Pradawho lead the famous fashion giant: with assets of 4.5 billion, they occupy 601st and 603rd places, respectively, in the Forbes rating.

Sergio Stefanatohead of the group of the same name that produces glass vials for medicines, especially for vaccines, rises from 1.9 billion at the beginning of the year to the current 4.4: from 29 in Italy to eighth place, while worldwide it occupies the 626th position.

ninth Giuseppe DeLonghihead of the home appliance manufacturer of the same name: with assets of 4 billion, it ranks 683rd in the world

August And the George Perfetti I’m in tenth place. While they are no longer directly involved in the management of the Perfetti Van Melle Group, which controls the Mentos, Chupa Chups and Goliath brands, as well as Brooklyn, Vigorsol and Happydent, they have assets of $3.9 billion which puts them in the 704th position.

Eleventh place, with the same origins compared to the perfect brothers Luca Garavogliahead of Campari (719th in the world). Gustavo Denegrihead of DiaSorin, a company that produces reagents used in the Covid years, has assets of $3.7 billion (761 in the world).

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The first betton in the ranking is Giuliana: with assets of 3 billion, it is 17th in Italy and 952nd in the world. 25th place John Elkann: With assets of 2 billion, the CEO of Exor is ranked 1,452 in the world. The ex-president of Inter Massimo Moratti, thanks to the control of Saras, has reached the 30th place in Italy and 1,781 in the world (assets of $ 1.6 billion).

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