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Esposito “The space for young people in Italy is limited” – Libero Quotidiano

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ROME (Italy) – Francesco Totti as an idol, a great desire to do well in the national team and an appeal to Italian clubs: “Let the young people play.” Sebastiano Esposito is back at the Under-21s after a very positive year in Basel and he wants to impress. “For me, it is a unique opportunity, returning to the national team after years in which it was right not to call me because I did not do a good job – explained Salvatore’s younger brother, who was first included in Roberto Mancini’s list – now I want to prove my value, I must We take home the qualifying points. My dream, really our dream in the family, is to play in the first national team: I hope Salvatore realizes that, for me he is a captain, a really important person who always helps me a lot.” Seven goals in 34 games for Basel, an excellent championship with six goals in 23 games, Sebastiano has always worked hard to improve and is now fully at the disposal of coach Nicolato. “I play in any position, even a midfielder if the coach wants it. This year I was an attacking midfielder and I raced a lot”, recalls the young man from Campania, revealing his admiration for Francesco Totti: “He has been my idol since I was a child, he inspired me so We talk now and then and I also asked him for some advice.” Italy has struggled in recent years to find a striker for the national team, but for Esposito, it’s not all about individual characteristics. “We have Immobile who won the European Championship, got the Golden Boot and is very strong. There are other excellent strikers like Pinamonte, Scamaca and Rasbadore. I remember Giroud winning the World Cup by scoring only one goal. It is a difficult moment for the national team, it is not nice to miss qualifying for the Cup. the world, but a few months ago we won a European championship: we must be calm, help Italy and avoid trials.” At the same time, Esposito makes a strong appeal to our clubs: “We young people have to grow, but to do that we have to play. We can improve through training but we also have to get out on the pitch, otherwise Mr. Mancini will not be able to work miracles. How much How many Italians in 2002 play in Serie A? Only two. This is why unfortunately we are looking for space abroad. I did it in Switzerland and it was decidedly a formative experience: I thought I would have more difficulties, but instead I participated in Basel is more than the second division. I have improved a lot compared to last year, when I had many problems in the first season outside the Inter family. I was received in Switzerland well, I was protected, and when there are the right rules and the right projects, I will return to Italy.” In the next three matches with the under-21s, crucial to the passage of the tour, Sebastiano Esposito will hope to find space in the national team who, moreover, has to deal with several absences. “It is an honor for us to be called up to the A national team, there are many good players here and we have to do well. Let’s start with Luxembourg, a tough game: they are good at counter-attack, defend 3-5-2, we have to move the ball quickly and allow We need to get close to the race well, go to three thousand from the start. We are an excellent group, the difficulties are helping us to develop, we have to go there for the first time out of three finals, which is a key game we want to win,” concluded the Basel striker. .
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