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“Enemies” demo video, in real time and really impressive –

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lonlinessthe most popular graphics engine especially in the independent field, has demonstrated its capabilities in an impressive way in these hours, with the publication of Technical show “enemies” visible in Video above.

So, Unity Technologies demonstrated the capability of its updated graphic engine with this stunning piece of real-time managed computer graphics, titled Enemies and connected to previous video The Heretic, with which it also shares a reproduction study. the personality of human.

In this case, the woman portrayed looks really real, which is a really impressive feat for Unity, which comes very close to what is seen in Unreal Engine 5 and its MetaHuman system. There are several innovative things included in this demo, such as the Skin Attachment system that allows for high-density networks managed by the GPU.

There’s also an improved 4D pipeline and a special study on eye rendering, as well as a new skin shader. Display and distribution of enemies display will be displayed on the occasion Game Developers Conference March 23-25, while the Enhanced Tools shown in action in this video will be distributed in the Digital Human Package in Q2 2022.

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