September 27, 2023

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Ends in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

Ends in disgrace – Libero Quotidiano

Can a bike outperform an SUV? Obviously not. But the reckless cyclist He also attempted this feat by risking his neck. This is evidenced by a video posted on social media by a motorist who filmed with him dashcam on board Extremely dangerous performance regulated on hairpin bends Campinsin the province of Barcelona. See the cyclist who along the BV-5114 – A narrow mountain road – Taking advantage of the descent, he tries in every way to overtake a car that may have been going too slow for him.

While filming the scene, the driver comments: “This bitch did everything to get past me, and now he’s doing the same with the other car, on such a narrow two-way street. Obviously it can’t be done, but sure. Bitchy over don’t know bikes. Then the prophecy : “Look if he doesn’t let himself invest…”. And he was. A little later, trying to beat the SUV, the cyclist invades the opposite direction of walking and crashed into a car whose driver, fortunately, was able to slow down as soon as he sensed the danger. The cyclist got away with Minor injuriesWhile the driver who filmed everything continues to comment: “Here you are. Now? Now what are you doing?”

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