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Al-Shabaab suicide attack kills Mogadishu radio director Abdelaziz Afrika in Somalia: “revenge”

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a targeted attackwith the aim of silencing what was probably the disturbing voice of the terrorists. a kamikaze Who attacked the car that exploded with them Abdelaziz Africa. boss Radio Mogadishuat the hands of extremists al-ShabaabRelated group al-Qaeda in a country Horn of Africa.

This was stated by the Ministry of Defense in Mogadishu, explaining that a suicide bomber from Al-Shabaab had killed the journalist. The Al-Qaeda-linked group said in a statement that the attack was carried out in revenge In 2016 by the Somali government Hassan Hanafi |, a former journalist who joined Al-Shabab. The attack took place a few minutes before the call to prayerI. Known for its programs dedicated to Al-Shabaab fugitives, Africa has previously survived several assassination attempts.

According to the announcer Somali TVThe director of national television was also in the eyes of the attackers Mohamed and Rassam that remained badly injured In the explosion and was taken to hospital.

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