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As of today, ATM withdrawals without a card are: the Italian Post Office surprises everyone

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Poste Italiane enters the future and presents a new way of displaying communications with users.

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What happens if we have to Access to an automated teller machine And suddenly we realized that our ATM card stayed at home or who knows where? Simple, we can no longer withdraw cash, ran out of money And unable to carry out, perhaps, those commissions that were urgent for us at that moment. the new Transferred by Poste Italiane, in the trend with what is in force now in the financial market, especially in terms of adopting new and effective technologies will help many clients.

Italian PostIn fact, it is launching the new cardless service which will allow all its customers, current or prepaid account holders, to withdraw cash, in fact, without having to hire them. ATM card. On the other hand, what will be absolutely necessary to complete this type of operation is our smartphone. However, in fact By accessing Bancoposta apps o Postepay We can interact directly with the enabled ATMs and then carry out the required operations.

Paperless ATM withdrawals: the new Italian Post Office service

The old withdrawal method is now a thing of the past, is no longer aligned with what somehow represents the innovative direction of the technological trajectory in a particular sector. We are talking about incredible possibilities unleashed by the market of new technologies and new services. With these perspectives and assumptions that it is not possible, today, to escape from what is a certain logic. So even the payments must be made In a cardless versionFrom the smartphone by accessing the application and indirectly interacting with it and with the ATM.

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need for show To its customers a service worthy of the time we live in, which takes advantage of every logic and every progress to make sure that some service can Traveling on the same wave line of the technological process. Enter the application, scan the QR code on the ATM screen after typing the number 9 thanks to the command required in the application Cardless Withdrawal. Once this is done, everything starts from our smartphone, the choice of the amount to be withdrawn will be launched from there, and the game will be over in a few minutes. In short, Poste Italiane launches a completely new technology at the service of all its customers, respect the way which has always put the company first in terms of technological innovation.

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