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Hockey Como: Team Como’s dream of reaching the semi-finals was dashed for “The Beautiful”.

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Coach Massimo Da Rin’s team was beaten by the IBAN Pirates 3-1

COMO Hockey: Last night, 5 matches of the quarter-finals of the IHL qualifiers took place.

Hockey Como: Team Como’s dream of reaching the semi-finals was dashed for “The Beautiful”.

In the fifth and final game, Como Hockey’s dream of reaching the semi-finals of the IHL tournament was dashed. Yesterday evening, in fact, in the “beautiful” decisive match of the quarter-finals, Larrian was defeated 3-1 on the track by the Iban Appiano Pirates who will thus challenge Caldaro in the semi-finals. The match was immediately in the hands of the hosts, who continued up to 3-0 to contain the return of the Como players, who stopped at the only goal signed by Di Biacio that resulted in the flag and the last of the season. Thus ends this beautiful journey for Como Hockey, which has reached the semi-final point.

Instead, Varese Bergen and Caldaro Appiano will be the semi-finalists of the Italian Hockey League, which starts on Saturday.

HC Eppan Appiano ANet – Hockey Como 3-1 (1-0, 2-1, 0-0)

Scorers: 10:10 S. Unterrainer (S. Critelli, R. Tombolato) (1:0), 29:14 R. Tombolato (M. Lancsar, E. Räisänen) (2:0, PP1), 33:22M Selva (E. Räisänen) (3:0, SH1), 39:09 F. De Biasio (D. Xamin, C. Harwell) (3:1)

HC Eppan Appiano ANet: Alex Paller 60:00 (Mike Renalter); Carmine John Bono – Nicholas-Joseph Pedin; Marco Mattonte – Fabian Spitaler; Stefan Untrainer – Daniel Fabrice; Maximilian Hofer, Maximilian Lanxar – Erno Fabian Reisanen – Moritz Silva; Daniel Erlacher – Matthias Kaslunger – Maximilian von Baer; Simone Critelli – Matthias Oberroch – Riccardo Tombolato; Tobias Engel – Tobias Morandell; Coach: Nico Aremo Martella.

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Hockey Como: Federico Tesini 58:23 (Daniel Mattia D’agate); Alessandro Re – Francesco Di Biacio; Riccardo Codipo – Francesco Topher; Riccardo Ambrosoli – Alessandro Paramidani; Daniele Fucini – Filippo Solami; Nicholas Robert DiNicola – Eduardo Maurizio Maria Caletti – Chase Lorenzo Harwell; Dylan Giglione – Lorenzo Marcati – David Zamin; Luca Formentini – Filippo Guetta – Andrea Pirelli; Coach: Massimo Da Rin Di Lorenzo;

Referees: C. Biacoli, L. Zatta (F. De Toni, A. Rivis);

The full schedule for the fifth round of the quarterfinals of the playoffs

Tuesday March 14th at 20 Eban Como 3-1 (3-2) Bergen Dobbiaco 7-1 (3-2).

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