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Hockey player Sarzana suffers and wins in Kamayor

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suffer victory The farm team dell’Hockey Sarzana Which imposes itself with a score of 4 to 3 on the difficult Camaiore track, and shows a great personality, despite the young age of the Rossoneri roster, if Mirko Bertolucci and Matteo Pistelli are removed, and the continuous growth from a technical and team point of view. with bracket Mirco Bertolucci, who at the age of 49 is the driving force behind the formation of Giovanni BerettaJewel pillar Matthew Cardilla and with Thomas Mechini Among the entries displaying a veteran performance, the Rossoneri scored a very important success, three points due against an opponent that certainly wasn’t easy and in a fiery atmosphere. Corona President No longer in the skin after the game: “I believed itAnd I saw the guys on the ball in the first game against Grosseto, I’m really happy with the three points won this evening, we put the tough moments behind us, which shows a great maturity. Tonight after the locals went 3 to 3 at the end of the first half or when we stayed short and only had three guys on track to send Cardilla off in the second half. – continues the president – We didn’t break up alone, we could have been confused by the formation of Kmayor which is a good team, moreover driven by a big and warm crowd. Also in this A2 Series race, as on other occasions in the A1 Series in this championship, the group wins, because if you don’t have a great group you won’t win at Camaiore. We have to keep working with our heads low, now we have to believe it, we have to try to win the challenge at the top against very favorite Castiglione next Sunday at Vecchio Mercato.” But let’s move on to the match report: Mr. Elijah Gedi He appears in the Bardini Sports Orphan Center of former Alessandro Ungari and his key player lines up with Captain Brunelli and Bardini along with the attacking pair consisting of Bassano Milani and Matogini with Bandieri in goal defense and at his disposal. Rafaeli, Antonelli, Benedetti, Terenanzi The second guard is Vinnie. Giovanni Beretta answers with Mechini, Bertolucci, Pistelli, Cardella and Cinquini. Mirko Bertolucci’s superb goal midway through the second half allows Sarzana to beat Rotellistica Camaiore 4 to 3. The match begins with Rossoneri’s advantage going after 6′ and 44′ thanks to a numerical advantage resulting from Bardini’s sending off that sent Bertolucci to a free throw, but his end High ends on the crossbar, but the same. Bertolucci He immediately makes up for the error with an out-of-the-box conclusion that picks up the seven to Banderi’s right. At 11′ and 31″ Kamayor tied at the end of a fantastic counterattack towards her Bardini. At 13, 06 ‘utilizing a direct shot to the hosts without the blue card awarded by referee Davoli, he takes charge of serving. Melanie This makes Mechini dry and brings the hosts forward. Only nine seconds pass and Matthew Cardilla He invents a movie library web, cuts the path diagonally and fires a blow that clears the web from the Seven to Bandieri’s right. The same Cardilla At 19’48” with a razor blade from the edge of the area he stunned Banderi and gave the Rossoneri the advantage. But Camaiore did not give in and the naivety of Pistelli who got addicted to Matugini three minutes after the end of the first break sent Melanie On the free throw, the Bassian striker left no room for Mitchini to exit, raising the partial to 3 to 3. The siren sounded shutting down the first part of the match with a score of 3 to 3. In the second half it’s all a different game The teams study each other, then in the middle of the second half of the semester Mirco Bertolucci Lights up the stalemate in the match, champion Viaregino drinks all the Camaiore defense, sits on Bandieri’s benches and gives the Rossoneri the advantage. Cammayor has two big chances to equalize: the first is when Cardella ends up in the penalty area at 4′, 41′ and still sends Melanie to the crossbar with his first penalty kick; mekini It’s amazing, he saves the shot and then glorifies himself in the subsequent power game but at 3′ and 31″ from the end the referee gives a very generous penalty to the hosts but he’s still thinking about it. mekini To avoid Bardini’s conclusion. Then in the last seconds it is Matugini who ends up in the penalty area, but the first shot that Bertolucci defeated was saved. Flags. The sound of the last siren is the liberation and punishment of the victory of the boys of Mr. Beretta. for the first time from Alessio Lavagetti He is under 17 and has just turned 14. The next meeting is on Sunday, November 14 at 18.00 at the Polyvalent Center against Castiglione also with full points at the top of the standings.

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Camera Rotelastica: Banderi (Fini), Brunelli E (centre), Milani, Bardini, Matogini N-Benedetti, Antonelli, Raffaele M, Terranense. Coach Elia Guidi

Gamma H innovation. Mitchini, Pistelli (centre), Cardella, Cincinnati Ern, Bertolucci M – Bezzini, Marchetti, Angeletti, Lavagetti, Andreoni – Coach: Giovanni Beretta

Signs: 1t: 6’44” Bertolucci (M) (S), 11’31” Pardini (C), 13’06” Milani (tir.dir) (C), 13’15” Cardella (S), 19’48” Cardilla (small), 21’26” Melanie (medium) – 2 tons: 12’10” Bertolucci M (small)

parcel: 1t: 5’51” Pardini (2′) (C), 21’25” Pistelli (2′) (S) – 2t: 15’41” Cardella (2′) (S), 23’56” Mattuggini (2 ‘) (NS)

Rule: Andrea Davoli of Modena

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