Home entertainment Edit, movie review with Will Smith streaming on Apple TV+

Edit, movie review with Will Smith streaming on Apple TV+

Edit, movie review with Will Smith streaming on Apple TV+

From December 9th onwards + Apple TV It exists Emancipation – beyond freedoma movie directed by Antoine Fuqua (which we really didn’t like No finalBut we loved it station list) and starring will Smith.

The film was shown in October in Washington and in select movie theaters, both because the film is about a true and painful story from American history, and because the theatrical release used to be competitive for film awards.

And indeed, given the film’s subject matter and the attention Hollywood is giving it, it’s not entirely out of place to think so Release It could win you some awards, maybe even an Academy Award (even if the critics aren’t really enthusiastic).

But definitely not the best hero, and not because Will Smith doesn’t deserve it, of course, but for the sake of it famous incident. Before going into the analysis, let’s summarize the plot of the movie.

picture of liberation 1

What is the movie Emancipation?

The story of this film is the story of a reproduced portrait of a man called “Whipped Peter” published in 1863 in Harper’s Weekly; Pictured, known as “The scourged back” (back skin), we see the bare back of a black man completely covered in scars, the result of all the flogging the slave traders received.

The story of liberation then begins with Peter washing his wife Didioni’s feet and talking to his children about how God will help them in some way if they have faith. But now Peter had to go, for he had been seized from his slave by the Army of the Southern Confederates for use in the compulsory construction of a railroad.

image of liberation 3

Needless to say, Peter and his fellow prisoners are treated like monsters, especially by Fasl (Ben Foster, who we also saw and appreciated in him). Accelerates And the undertaker), a type of fugitive slave-catcher, who in turn accompany a slave in person.

image of liberation 6

And it is clear that Peter will not stay there to suffer indefinitely, but he will seek liberation, the freedom he deserves, especially because he has heard that Lincoln has declared slavery illegal and that the Northern army is close. Here we pause so as not to spoil the plot, but below you can see the trailer for it Release.

Because Will Smith would have had at least one nomination

As mentioned, Emancipation was not fully appreciated by critics. In particular, the liberty with which True History was treated was not appreciated, while there was near unanimous consensus on the photography and interpretation of Will Smith.

To begin with, the power of this black and white is undeniable, as its name evokes the segregation of whites and blacks in film. Slaves were things in the literal sense of the word, and as things with which they were treated, and in this sense what Peter suffers is unbearable violence.

image of liberation 2

In this movie, Will Smith is a bit Django Unchained, a bit Revenant (we also got backā€¦ subway), and in a few words, with a Haitian accent we can’t definitely judge, Will Smith proves he’s a space-level actor through empathy.

In short, if it weren’t for the story of Chris Rock’s slap (which we gave him We would have forgiven immediately) and the consequences Suspension From the Oscars, we’re convinced Will Smith deserves at least one nomination, if not another Oscar. Regardless of the drawbacks of sticking to history or any other type.


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