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Echo, the youngest serial killer in the world: at the age of eight he killed three children. Now he’s on the run: “Sadist delights in the rhythm of pain.”

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Currently it is fast evaporation. He thinks he’s the youngest serial killer To the world: at the age of eight he had already slaughtered three people. Now it disappeared into the air. At the time of his arrest, a psychiatrist described him as a “sadist who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others.” It’s the story that comes from‘IndiaFrom amarjeet echoborn 1998 and killed three as a child childrenincluding two members of his family.

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The world’s smallest serial killer

His heinous crimes were committed between 2006 and 2007, when he was between seven or eight years old. Influenced by a killer insanity, Echo was dubbed the world’s youngest serial killer. In 2006 he killed his 6-year-old cousin The baby killer was also responsible for the death of his younger sister, who was killed while still in diapers, when she was just eight months old. According to Sada’s uncle – as reported by the British media – some members of his family were supposed to have known about the first and second murders, but they never reported them because they were defined as “family matters”.

latest atrocity

His last and youngest victim was a six-month-old: Kushbu, a newborn who lives in the neighbourhood. The girl’s mother told police that she had left her to sleep alone in an elementary school, but that she was missing when she returned. He began searching to find her, but after a few hours Echo freely admitted that he took her, hit her with bricks, and strangled her to death. Sada was taken to police custody where he reportedly showed no remorse.

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No prison or inaction

Under Indian law, a child may not be imprisoned or sentenced to death. He was “arrested” in an orphanage in Mangar, Bihar, but has been missing since 2016 and his current whereabouts are unknown.

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