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Early elections will be held in Canada

Early elections will be held in Canada

On Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for the dissolution of parliament and called for early elections on September 20, two years earlier than expected. The Financial Times Defined the end of Trudeau “A bet: On the one hand, the Prime Minister wants to strengthen the consensus reached by his Liberal Party for the effective management of the corona virus vaccination campaign; On the other hand, many voters may, for a number of reasons, have a wrong eye on the vote coming at a very important time for Canada.

Trudeau’s decision to hold early elections in the middle of his term was met with skepticism and criticism because even though 64 percent of the population had completed the corona virus vaccination course, Canada was passing its fourth epidemic.

The main opposition parties, especially the Conservatives and the New Democrats (the second and fourth largest groups in parliament, respectively), have been widely critical of Trudeau’s decision. According to the opposition, the government’s focus on rebuilding the economy after the epidemic will prevent elections from adequately addressing some of the crises abroad, such as tensions between Canada and China.Arrested By Meng Wanzhou, CEO of Chinese company Huawei.

In a speech outside the government’s headquarters in Ottawa, Trudeau said Sunday would be a “defining and defining moment” in Canada’s history, and that they would allow Canadians to evaluate the government’s response to the corona virus epidemic. There were voters in the past Widely in favor The Liberal government’s investments in supporting economically distressed families and businesses, combating unemployment and guaranteeing vaccinations, but now seem skeptical.

The Liberals currently rule with the minority in 155 of the total 338 seats, where the minimum limit for a majority is 170 seats. According to the National Broadcasting Service survey CBC, The Liberal Party is 7 points ahead of the Conservative Party, with 35.6 percent of the vote, and the Nationalist Party of Quebec, the Quebec Bloc and the New Democrats, progressives and the Left center still have wide differences.

At the same time, Trudeau’s popularity is still 27 percent, and because of the 2019 scandal, a photo was released of him with a 29 – year – old black face. “Black face”.

With Trudeau’s speech, the election campaign in Canada began, lasting only the minimum 36 days allowed by Canadian law.

New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh called Trudeau’s decision “selfish” and called for an early election. According to Singh, the prime minister will be tired of the pressure of the New Democrats, who are calling for broader and broader aid, and “certainly have no intention” of introducing financial measures aimed at the extreme rich. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole also accused Trudeau of holding elections in his defense.Political interests“Among other things, O’Toole criticized the government’s recent decision Make vaccination mandatory He said all civil servants can only be done by his party Make sure to recover after infection.

The election campaign of the Greens, led by Annami Paul, also began after internal clashes that took one of the three members of parliament to the side of the Liberals, while Yves-Francois Blanchet, leader of the Quebec Bloc, will try. Increase the consensus for the Nationalist Party, which currently has 32 seats, rather than the New Democrats. In Sunday’s speech, Trudeau said the Liberal Party would continue to focus not only on the vaccine campaign, but also on improving the health care system and other social policies, as well as the reconciliation process with Canada’s tribal communities.

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