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Canada Goose Chooses Italian Hestry Technology for Shoes

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December 14, 2021

PH: Canada Goose, Journey Boot

With the introduction of its first shoe collection, Canada Duck Completes the range of products characterized by robust performance-oriented design. In search of maximum security and convenience, the Canadian brand relies on waterproofing and transmission functionality HdryMade with 100% Italian technology Altexa SRL Of Vares.

In these two early winter models, ‘Snow magic boot‘And this’Travel Start ‘, The inside of the surface is fully laminated with waterproof and breathable Hdry membrane, creating a completely sealed water barrier.

“The uniqueness of Hdry technology compared to traditional membranes for shoes lies in the specific 3D direct lamination process of the lamination, which is the ‘micro-point’ adhesion of the membrane to the inner surface of the surface. Hooks and hinges are used, assembled and sewn”, the note reads.

The main advantage of the Hdry is that it prevents rain and frost on the outer level of the shoe, while traditional systems with a waterproof membrane allow water to penetrate through the top and then stop it only at the lining level.

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