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e.Go e.wave X is now ready

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German brand e.GO Mobile Which has been popular for some years e.Go LifeAn electric car designed for the city, at the 2022 Paris Motor Show returns to the fore with a new model. he is called e- go e.wave X The new proposal of the German company, which is distinguished by the aesthetics of a very compact crossover, as well as completely revised interiors.

there e- go e.wave X he is 336 cm It features a redesigned bumper with forged air intakes, additional rally-style headlights, as well as lower trim, located at the front. The appearance of the crossover is emphasized by the wide fenders with rough-plastic fenders, side sill extensions, 18-inch wheels and roof rails, which can also be used to transport bulky items.

there e- go e.wave X It features a completely redesigned dashboard featuring a 23-inch panel that houses a central touchscreen display for the multimedia system, with physical keys linked below, and an instrument display. Other features of the passenger compartment, suitable for carrying up to four people, are vegan leather upholstery, aluminum plastic finishes, and a wireless charging pad located in the center console.

Technically, the car is equipped with a unique set Electric motor 107 HP (and therefore more powerful than the e.Go Life which stopped at 76 hp) which transmits power to the front wheels. Three driving modes: Eco, Comfort and Sport. The electric motor is combined with a new battery which shall ensure aAutonomy 240 km In the urban WLTP cycle, the value more than doubled compared to 117 km for the model from which it was derived. To “fill” it is possible to use an 11 kW recharge.

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there e- go e.wave X Already available for reservations, with the first delivery scheduled for the end of 2022. the prices take off from 24,990 euros For the urban setting (incentives 3,570 euros included), up to 29790 euros for the city.

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