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Drivers stopped, delivery at risk –

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Filt CGIL announces the public discontinuation of 12,000 employees of companies associated with Assoespressi making deliveries on behalf of the e-commerce giant, which is stated in a note: “We hope that negotiations will resume”

Deliveries are at risk for those who purchase products on Amazon during Black Friday. The announcement of the Black Friday strike comes from Michele de Rose, FILT CGIL’s National Secretary. Who explains the initiative on social media:General strike on Friday, November 26, Black Fridaydrivers and employees of companies associated with Assoespressi who deliver on behalf of Amazon.” The occasion was the first unified national gathering of executives and delegates from Amazon’s contracted merchandise delivery industry. There are about 12 thousand workers, usually in the period of peak delivery, Added another 3-4 thousand called “Natalini”.

“The assembly, which was attended by a large number of people, gave full authorization to Felt Sigil, Viet Cecil, and Ultrasporte to declare the strike.” Essentially there is a demand to reduce workloads and cadences “which are becoming unsustainable, and to reduce drivers’ weekly working hours”. According to Felt, transformations can come Up to 200 parcels per day, with 130-140 stops in 8-9 hours, based on a constantly updated algorithm on the driver’s handheld device. De Rose continues: «Give business continuity to all employees, on the occasion of the change of contract and contract. The liability to drivers in case of damages and deductions should be reduced e The economic value of the trip should be increased and the performance bonus providedFinally, it is necessary to “ensure legislation relating to privacy, data management and remote control, excluding any repercussions of a disciplinary nature.”

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The response from the e-commerce giant’s Italian headquarters wasn’t long in coming. “Regarding the strike announced by the unions today, we hope that negotiations will resume over delivery service providers and Get a positive resultThis was stated by Amazon in a memo prior to the announced discontinuation of Black Friday. Amazon works with dozens of delivery service providers. Carriers are designated by CCNL Transport and Logistics with Level G1 delivery service providers. Gross entry salary of €1,658 per month for full-time employees, plus €300 net per month as a daily allowance”, the group states, “working closely with delivery service providers to jointly set realistic goals that do not put pressure on them or their employees”.

Amazon, continues the long note, “makes services available to its suppliers route planning technology which takes into account various factors, such as traffic, to determine the number of deliveries a driver can safely make. Drivers are free to decide whether or not to follow directions, but based on experience, this technology has proven to be an effective route planning tool.” Amazon requires all delivery service providers toOperate according to current regulations», with adequate wages and working hours for drivers. “If it turns out that the supplier does not respect our expectations and is in violation of applicable regulations, we adopt the solutions stipulated in the contract, including severing the contractual relationship.” In these cases, the goal is that “carriers can still continue their business with the new supplier taking charge of deliveries.”

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