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Draghi’s first “sale” to Macron in space

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Anyone who has seen the launch pad for satellites in French Guiana, through which the satellites were equipped with non-liquid but solid fuel produced by that wonderful company that was and is the Italian company Avio, also understand the reason for the report through the competition and cooperation together between Italy And France, in invading the technological frontiers of increasing importance in space, the competitive difference between French and Italian companies is shaped by the enormous difference that exists between the two countries in the so-called Total Factory Productivity. That is, the total factor productivity.

The Empire allows France to have a launch pad that Italy could never have, because it does not have what big companies like French companies have: a platform capable of having the technological means that would allow them to challenge the attack in the sky without environmental constraints or of a different ideological nature.

From that offshore platform, French (and of course Italian) companies can launch their wonderful carriers in a wonderful natural environment and among managers and workers who dedicate themselves to this very challenging task with enthusiastic and courageous dedication. A vision is a belief, as it happened to me years and years ago. So I was not surprised when I read that the first result of Treaty between Italy and France It was the application of Article 7, specifically devoted to cooperation in the field of space. It had the first, inevitable if not desirable consequence: the theft of the resources available to Italy by the PNRR by diverting them to European resources, with consequences immediately perceptible to all.

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Let’s be clear: it is not a matter of conspiracies, but a natural relationship between extractive capitalism such as French capitalism and the one it (Italian) dominates. Oblique capitalism joined the European Union in dependent form. Keep in mind that the French joined administratively in partnership with German capitalism (the so-called Rhine capitalism). Capitalism which joined the European Union in a dependent form, like Italian capitalism, cannot always be shaped by this dependency, space, or no-space.

We can tell the story of what happened in fine detail: from the distinguished member who was destined to become a Member of Parliament to the activism of Reinisch of Minister Kolaw. But all this can be found more than in newspapers in electronic magazines with a clear and reliable reputation, and therefore we will not go into depth here on facts that newspapers do not tell us, but have a historical trace of them.

In the end, Minister Colau signed an agreement with the Director General of the European Space Agency stating that this EU agency will manage options and industrial contracts under the jurisdiction of ASI, largely from Pnrr, but also belonging to other sources for a total of about 1.8 billion. euro. 60% of the money is for Earth observation while the Vega and Space Rider programs (the latter led by Italy) are split evenly over the remaining 40%. Hence the inevitable conclusion that this is done because it is believed that only by commissioning the European Space Agency (ESA) can the restrictions imposed by Europe be respected.

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This is what I was thinking when discussing with very serious interlocutors who complained that our companies in doing so could be exposed to caudine forks. French and German control that would violate our rights and the privacy of our proposals. But this tearing of clothes reminds me of Karl Marx’s old critiques of utopian socialists: they complained about a world that was not benevolent towards the least, forgetting that it was not an undifferentiated society but the capitalist system, in which the production of wealth and thus surplus value followed national boundaries when necessary, but only if they They prefer centralization and reinforcement.

So today is for awesome tank Of the resources formed through research and exploitation of space. Space is the real new frontier of the technological and social future, not only in Europe, but in the world. It is “natural” that the most powerful capitalism, which has individual references to excellence, that is, people who diligently pursue their interests whatever their nationality may be, should prevail.

So it is in space. Of course, the Draghi government is full of such hard-working officials and workers in such supranational capitalism.

It is not certain that our fate is worse by entrusting ourselves directly to them (as it happens today) rather than, rather, to the comprador bourgeoisie upon which it depends, and thus a part of this surplus-value is cast out of the firms and therefore of labour, of any nation.

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