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Does the chain’s website display personal customer data? [aggiornata] –

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According to multiple reports on social media, it appears that Incorrectly appears file Clients personal informationAddress and phone number are included due to a technical error. Specifically, it appears that by reloading the special order page multiple times, other customers’ information is randomly displayed.

Through customer service, GameStop announced that the names, addresses, and information displayed by users They were part of the test that occurred due to a technical error. So it was not about real data.

“The problem was resolved promptly the day it occurred,” customer support confirmed. “It was test data generated by our teams, not actual user information.”

However, it must be emphasized that by conducting a search, it turns out that some of the names and addresses that appear on the GameStop website actually belong to real people. VGC then asked the series if any of these references were used.

The original story follows.

As VGC points out, it’s not clear if the bad guys in this way can steal full credit card numbers, considering they are withheld in the example below, or how widespread the problem is worldwide (for now) There are no reports in Italy).

It is clearly a defect that the company’s technicians must fix as soon as possible, since it also seems that those affected by this type of error cannot even change their account password, which increases the risks.

Says one of the users reddit. “This is very worrying, they can’t even change the password.”

Another Redditor added, “A friend of mine was able to see the full credit card number by clicking on the card, but then the site quickly reloaded. He didn’t have time to see the whole thing.”

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“The GameStop website was intimidating and kept making me jump between a few dozen different profiles. The name at the top of the screen, items in the cart, and Pro Rewards points kept changing.

We repeat that at the moment there seem to be no problems with the Italian GameStop portal (at least according to our tests, if this happens to you, let us know in the comments). In case there is news in this regard, we will keep you updated.

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