Home science A space in the Guarnaschelli library

A space in the Guarnaschelli library

A space in the Guarnaschelli library


He gave Castejo so much and the city really remembered him by dedicating the square next to the City Railroad Square to him. The library will now also dedicate space to Renzo Guarnacelli, the historic director who died in 2014 at the age of 79.

The strong bond between Castiggio and Renzo Guarnaccelli will be renewed through 90 books belonging to the late politician, recently received by the municipality from those who administer his inheritance. “This is part of his collection, four whole decades. For us – explains the mayor, Lorenzo Vigo – it is certainly a great honor to be able to be proud of the availability of some books by our famous compatriot in the city library in Certosa Canto. It is a symbolic gesture full of meaning, also because Guarnaschelli was very careful with Certosa.”

Another way not to forget the person who, with Gianni Saporetti, conceived the wine review that over the years has made Castiggio a reference point for colorists, not just outside of the Po Valley. –

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