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Do you need an eTA or work permit?

Do you need an eTA or work permit?

Canada is a very popular place to live and work, with many activities to foster diversity and integration in the workplace, coupled with a high standard of living. Although eTA is generally sufficient for business travel to Canada, anyone wishing to work for a Canadian company or want to start their own business must apply for a work visa.

eTA Canada

eTa stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”. It therefore has the necessary authorization to enter Canada by air. eTA is somewhat reminiscent of ESTA for the United States, as it can be applied for entirely online by completing a digital application form. Once the application is submitted, the Canadian Immigration Department assesses potential security risks in the country.

L ‘eTA Canada It is issued within an average of 3 days, after which the travel authorization is associated with the passenger’s passport and the information is shared with the airline and customs officials so that it does not need to be printed. The eTA is valid for five years from the time of publication and for a full validity period and can carry up to 6 months of unlimited travel without applying for a visa each time.

Business travel and activities are allowed with eTA

In addition to traveling for tourism purposes, business travel is also possible with eTA. For example, you can meet potential business partners, attend meetings, trade shows or conferences, visit companies, train in your company’s Canadian office, sell or buy products and services, and provide after sales services. In addition, physical or manual tasks can be performed for administrative or university purposes, occurring once every six months for a maximum of 15 days or once a year for 30 days.

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In addition, those in the following professions can work with eTA in Canada: guest speakers (for events up to 5 days), educators (evaluating research projects), athletes and their coaches, artists and follow-up staff, referees, journalists and a crew member.

Those traveling to Canada for business purposes are advised to bring a letter of invitation from the business partner or a statement from the employer with the goals and length of stay to prove that the above requirements have been met. The invitation letter should include information such as the traveler’s name, surname, date of birth, activity he or she performs, name of the company you work for, activity, name, and address for the Canadian company (or person) you are visiting. A brief description of the website and the company (or person) you are visiting, a phone number to contact a business partner, booking for a hotel in Canada, and a breakdown of travel expenses.

Visa, work permit or WHV

The most popular work visas for Canada are “Work Permit” and “Working Vacation Visa” and both can be obtained online.

Anyone who wants to work in a company for longer than what is offered by eTa or who wants to undertake physical or manual machining should apply for a work permit. This visa is for those who want to work for a Canadian company in Canada and can only apply if you have already worked in Canada and have written approval from your Canadian employer. With this visa you will receive an eTa which will be issued automatically without request. Young professionals or students who have been offered a job or internship in Canada must apply for a particularly authorized “employer-specific work permit” to work for a company in the same place for the duration of their stay in Canada.

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The Work Vacation Plan is designed to support young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who wish to work in Canada to cover their vacation expenses. In this case, it is not necessary to have found a company before leaving. Visa can be applied for only once.

In short, working with eTA in Canada is somewhat possible, as the company outside the country must be paid and certain limitations regarding the work to be done are respected. You can quickly apply for eTA online.